Previous Symposium:
Native Voices: Indigenous Language and Poetry,
June 14 - June 16, 2007

Conceptual Poetry and its Others
UA Poetry Center
May 29-31, 2008

Featured Artists

Caroline Bergvall  Charles Bernstein
Christian Bök  Craig Dworkin
Kenneth Goldsmith  Tracie Morris
Marjorie Perloff  Cole Swensen 

What would a Conceptual Poetry Symposium be without a nod to Vispo – the visual poetry movement that seems to be exponentially expanding its definition by constantly incorporating new, or if not new, at least more types of media, including digital, video, film, sculpture, typography, theater and book/e-zine arts? Some exciting work will be on display at the Poetry Center during the symposium including, including works by Peter Ciccariello, Julia Willms, and Turner Davis. Find out more here.

Before the conference we asked people to create a video designed to answer the question: "What is conceptual poetry?" and post it to YouTube. You can find Christopher Olivares's winning video here along with a special entry from visual artist Peter Ciccariello.

Conceptual Poetry and Its Others Symposium is made possible by grants from the Arizona Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Poets & Writers. We are also grateful for Symposium support from the Arizona Inn; College of Humanities; Book Stop Used Books, and Friends of the Poetry Center, especially Helen S. Schaefer.